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Launched in 2022, the Maala ESG index category for growth companies rates companies which are developing products and services aligned with the UN SDGs. In 2023 the index rated 15 growth companies from a variety of industries such as food-tech, renewable energy, education, bio-med, cannabis and more.

Companies participating in the 2023 ESG Growth ranking:

Meala Foods

Nur Ink
Nostromo Energy 
Kabsir Education
Seach Medical 


About the Maala ESG Index:

The Maala ESG Index serves as a tool for measurement and management of ESG in businesses. It consists of a very elaborate questionnaire with over 200 criteria arranged in 9 chapters (environmental sustainability, corporate governance, organizational ethics & core values, management & reporting, responsible procurement, diversity & inclusion, community contribution, employee volunteering, employees’ well-being & work-life balance). The criteria are set and updated by an independent committee. Participation is voluntary, based on self-reporting and requires CEO confirmation of the data reported.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) offers a family of ESG indices (launched in 2005) consisted of publicly listed companies that are rated on the Maala ESG Index. The TA-Maala index represents around 40% of the total market cap of the TASE.

How can the rating questionnaire be used by my company?

–  The questionnaire enables mapping and reflection of the areas of corporate responsibility in the company and leads to raising awareness and initiating important and significant work processes (in the areas indicated in the previous paragraph)

–  Consistent and orderly management of corporate responsibility issues indicates overall high-quality management of the business and is useful for improving processes, employee satisfaction and effective risk management, etc.

–  The participating companies will receive recognition and appreciation as part of the annual event of revealing a high ranking with the participation of the senior officials of the economy, the corporate responsibility community, government, civil society bodies and more.

–  Each company that joins the ranking will receive a performance analysis that will help them define issues and goals for treatment

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