CSR & Sustainability Reporting

Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Israel

Several companies in Israel publish corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports each year. A significant number of the companies publish their reports in English. The reports published in English for 2017 are listed below.



Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016-2017

ADAMA is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies. It offers farmers effective products and services that simplify their lives and help them grow. ADAMA reaches farmers in over 100 countries, providing them with solutions to control weeds, insects and disease, and improve their yields.



Corporate Social Responsibility 2017

Amdocs is a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies of all sizes. It develops innovative solutions, long-term business relationships with 350 communications and media providers, and technology and distribution ties to 600 content creators. With these, Amdocs delivers business improvements to drive growth.


Bank Hapoalim

Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibility Report, 2017

Bank Hapoalim is one of the largest and leading financial institutions in Israel, with operations overseas as well. The Bank Hapoalim Group is one of the largest employers in the Israeli market, with over 11,500 employees. The bank serves the largest number of customers in the Israeli banking system, and has established a Stakeholder Engagement Division within the bank.


Bank Leumi

Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2017

The Leumi Group is Israel’s oldest bank and one of the leading and largest corporations in Israel and the Middle East. It currently operates 221 branches across Israel, in addition to offices at the world’s major financial junctions. The Leumi Group provides quality banking services to all types of customers – from households through small and medium businesses to corporate giants.


ECI Telecom

ECI Sustainability Report, 2017

ECI is a provider of ELASTIC networks that scale and operate efficiently using open, secure and vendor agnostic technology. It serves hundreds of customers, including communications service providers (CSPs), utilities and critical infrastructures, as well as data center operators and cloud service providers worldwide.



Corporate Responsibility Report, 2017

ICL is a global minerals and chemicals company, that operates three core mineral chains – potash, bromine and phosphates. Its products are used in key agricultural and industrial markets, and are also integrated into personal care products and pharmaceuticals. ICL employs approximately 11,000 people worldwide.


Israel Electric Corporation

Corporate Sustainability Report, 2017

The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is a government-owned company, generating and supplying electricity to all sectors in the economy. With 17 power stations, IEC supplies reliable and high-quality electricity. It complies with leading service standards, and maintaining economic, commercial and environmental principles. IEC employs 11,900 workers and provides service to 2.779 million customers.


Israel Aerospace Industries

Sustainability Report, 2017

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a world leader in sea, air, land, space, and cyber technologies, as well as systems for defense, commercial and homeland security applications. IAI is the largest government-owned defense and aerospace company in Israel. It is the largest employer of engineers in Israel (over 6,000 in 2017), with R&D representing approximately a quarter of the company’s annual budget.


Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2017

Mizrahi Tefahot Group is one of the first banks established in Israel in 1923. It is today one of the top five banking groups in Israel, with business in Israel and overseas. The Bank has 187 branches and business centers around Israel. Mizrahi Tefahot Group includes over 6,300 employees.



Sustainability Report, 2016-2017

Netafim is a private company, headquartered in Israel. It is a global leader in Drip-Irrigation, enabling farmers to efficiently produce better and higher yields, while using fewer resources. In 2017, Netafim was inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame (IGIHOF) for its contribution to sustainable productivity.


Ormat Technologies

Sustainability Update, 2016-2017

Ormat is a global renewable energy company, with its main expertise in geothermal energy. It designs, builds and supplies power generating equipment for customers with geothermal and recovered energy power plants in 30 countries. Ormat also operates a number of powerplants and sells the electricity to electricity companies.


Shikun & Binui

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2017

Shikun & Binui Group is an infrastructure, construction and real estate development company. It has operations both in Israel and internationally and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Its main work includes roads, bridges, tunnels, train facilities, gas facilities, residential and non-residential buildings and more. Shikun & Binui also constructs and operates renewable energy facilities, mainly solar energy.


Strauss Group

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress, 2017

Strauss Group is a global food and beverage company. It is comprised of four subsidiaries: Strauss Israel, Strauss Water, Strauss Coffee, and PepsiCo-Strauss Fresh Dips and Spreads. Strauss is headquartered in Israel and manufactures, markets and sells its products in over 20 countries. The company directly employs over 14,000 employees, and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.



Social Impact Report, 2017

Teva is the world’s leading provider of generic medicines. It specializes in affordable generic medicines, as well as innovative and specialty pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter healthcare products, and more. Teva is present in over 60 countries, with 80  manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company is traded on the Stock Exchanges if New York and Tel Aviv.