Maala-Globescan Radar 2018

Public Expectations of Businesses in Israel

Maala-Globescan Radar is a global public opinion survey conducted by GlobeScan and Rotem AR in Israel, analyzing societal attitudes, expectations and trust of businesses, as well as material issues on the public agenda.

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Public trust in businesses in Israel is on a constant rise — from 25% in 2014 to 46% in 2018 — coinciding with a growing positive sentiment towards businesses.

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the health trend continues to dominate

Food Sector

For years the dominant issue on the public agenda was food prices. Today, prices are less important to the public than the quality and health of food and products.

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companies should care for public health

Pharmaceutical Sector

Concern for public health, along with reliability & fairness towards customers rose to the top of the public agenda, joining pharmaceutical R&D already set as a top priority.

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prices, prices, prices

Retail Sector

Prices and discounts continue to dominate the public agenda (59%). Lack of competition, although it is of relatively low significance, rose from 0.6% in 2017 to 5% in 2018.

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More Natural Ingredients

Consumer Goods Sector

The most dominant issue, by far, in the consumer goods sector is natural components and healthier products (rising from 29% in 2017 to 50% in 2018). Trust in the sector rose from 30% in 2017 to 40% in 2018.

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Fairness and Services are the Top Priorities

Banking Sector

Since 2014, commissions & fees were the leading public concern. This year, their significance dropped by half (from 52% in 2017 to 26% in 2018). Fairness and customer services have taken their place.

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More Fairness Leads to Higher Trust (?)

Insurance Sector

The insurance sector remains at the bottom of public trust. The most significant issues are fairness & reliability along with the good of the clients. Does Fairness lead to higher trust?

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Invest in Good Life and Tech Education

Hi-Tech Sector

Security and good life are the top priorities, while increasing tech knowledge and education rose significantly. Social and community engagement are seen as essential issues.

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