Launching the ESG & Impact Investment Forum


Maala International Conference 2018 | Tel Aviv, Israel

The ESG investment track in the 2018 conference was held as a sort of mini-conference within the Maala conference, and consisted of three parts. The session brought together several viewpoints on ESG investment, with speakers from major institutional investors, ESG rating companies, the responsible investment community, and guidelines for reporting on ESG performance.

ESG Investment Forum

The designated ESG track also marked the launch of the sustainable investment forum in Israel, inviting investors and businesses minded to ESG to join the responsible investment community. The forum will offer learning, networking and further opportunities with the aim of increasing the cap of sustainable investing in Israel.



We welcome you to dive deeper into this topic and follow up on what interests you most.

Part 1 – Global institutional investors sharing their companies’ practices and identifying trends

Speakers: BlackRock and Danske Bank


Part 2 – Sustainability and impact investing; practices and new financial tools; opportunities and challenges 

Speakers: Hermes Investment Management, Responsible Investor and Sustainalytics 


Part 3 – ESG data available for investors; new ESG reporting frameworks for companies

Speakers: Bloomberg, Vigeo Eiris, SASB and ValueSquare