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Field Tours
December 5, 2019

maala conference field tours 2019


The second day of the conference is comprised of a variety of tours across the country, providing a unique opportunity for participants to learn from work done in the field. This year’s tours will visit Jerusalem, Ashdod, and Lod.

2nd day December 5th, 2019

A variety of tours conducted across the country, providing a unique opportunity for participants to learn from work done in the field. The tours focus on social innovation, addressing inclusive growth, innovation in employment, environmental innovation and more.

Tours will visit sites of leading companies, hubs and organizations from different sectors in the Israeli economy with exceptional employment diversity, employee empowerment and advancement programs, sustainable development, community engagement, and more.

Gathering in Tel Aviv


Site visits around Israel


Social Tech Hub; Renewing Musrara and the Ultra-Orthodox innovation center


Hilma – Tech for Impact | Social High-Tech Center

A tech non-profit leveraging tech for positive impact on society, founded by experts in the Israeli high-tech industry. The tour will visit the center that trains talented, and motivated young entrepreneurs to develop breakthrough tech-based social solutions to strengthen vulnerable communities, people with disabilities and society at large. The solutions developed in the center are planned according to needs in education, welfare and health, and are strongly supported by customers, colleagues and partners.

VR and Hologram Technologies bring the Musrara neighborhood back to life

“Innovating Together” –Intel Israel helped connect between engineers, citizens and technology in areas where Intel operates, and together they developed solutions to communal challenges by transforming the area into a technological and innovative space. In Jerusalem, Intel, together with Young Jerusalem, Morasha’s community administration and the community, created innovative and technological experiences which tell the unique story of the Musrara neighborhood, in a communal-innovative manner.


Bizmax is an innovative, business hub for Jewish Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) men living in Jerusalem, founded by the Keren Kemach Foundation, Achim Global and the Jerusalem Development Authority.

Bizmax was founded to promote Haredi integration in the business world, and aims to attract entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners from various sectors. Since its foundation, dozens of Haredi companies and entrepreneurs from various sectors joined Bizmax, including programmers, graphic designers, marketing advisors, and more.

Social Entrepreneurship, Skills and Multicultural Environment


Bank Leumi

The Bank Leumi training center will present two innovative programs that the bank is implementing as part of preparing for the future of work: SHIFT- a school for the professions of the future, and SWITCH – a program in which managers are seconded fulltime in non-profit organizations for a year, while they continue to be on the bank’s payroll. Both of those innovative programs offer opportunities of acquiring new skillsets.

‘Chicago’ Community Center 

Introduction to the work to develop the city of Lod while having a multicultural lunch prepared by households’ cooks from the local community, to be followed by a walking tour and meetings with social activists and leaders from the Arab community, Lod’s Garin Torani (Jewish individuals and families who settled in Lod with a vision of strengthening the community) and the ‘Chicago’ community center.

“The Hive” Social Innovation Hub

“The Hive” is a social innovation hub founded by JDC Israel and the National Social Security Funds, dealing with the development of solutions for burning social issues. Throughout the tour, we will get a deeper understanding of “the Hive”, their business model and examples of leading projects, entrepreneurs and innovators.

“The Food Chain” in Ashdod | Agricultural education farm; Food-Tech Hub; Tour at Ashdod Port


“TheHive” – Ashdod Accelerator

An accelerator for early stage technological startups across all industries, TheHive Ashdod is an initiative of the Agency for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, in collaboration with the Ashdod Municipality. Powered by the Gvahim NGO in collaboration with Kivunim Youth Center, this Olim-friendly accelerator program is run in English.

Agricultural Education Farm 

The visit at the environmental science and agricultural education farm in Ashdod will demonstrate its strategic connection between the core business and community programs. The program “Spreading Seeds of Science”, supported by Adama, deals with elevating students to exploratory and personal excellence in the fields of agriculture and science, and creates a shared value for all stakeholders. The program proves that real social change occurs through a cross-sectoral cooperation: between businesses, the government (the Ministry of Education) and municipalities. Adama has similar farms in Be’er Sheva and Lod.

Port of Ashdod

The port of Ashdod is the leading economic gate of Israel and the biggest, most advanced port in the country.

Throughout the tour, we will visit main sites in the port, the new visitor’s center – amongst the leading in the country – learn from senior officials about the port’s corporate responsibility strategy and the significant social and environmental challenges they face.

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