Anat MoriManager of re-skilling development and innovation in learning at Bank Leumi


Anat Mori, an organizational consultant (MA) with BA in Business Administration, certified NLP master and an internal practitioner.

Anat has 20 years of experience in Bank Leumi, that include business development, leading change and organizational processes, building and managing cross-organization leadership programs, assimilation of values and organizational culture and community involvement.

Lately she was appointed as the manager of the re-skilling and innovative learning unit, in charge of building the groundbreaking program of “School for future professions” in Leumi.

Anat believes in the need to innovate, initiate and bring a new and relevant spirit in the positions she leads. She believes in the ability of people to make a change in themselves and in the environment and in the basic need of everyone to bring value and feel meaningful.