The advantage of the ECO Vadis supplier assessment – ICL


Dr. Heinrich Berger, VP Global Raw Materials Procurement at ICL, describes the TFS initiative – Together For Sustainability, that works as a consortium of 29 large chemical companies to align standards of suppliers according to the ECO Vadis assessment.

The advantage for suppliers to participate in the process is that once a company is assessed it can become a certified supplier for other companies in the TFS initiative.

Currently, 60% of ICL’s procurement is already covered by Eco Vadis as part of ICL’s partnership in the initiative.

The Green New Deal that is currently being discussed in Europe as part of post-Covid growth will give further momentum for implementing ESG standards down the chain.

In Israel the market is growing and more suppliers are engaging with ICL. ICL and Heinrich are more than happy to share their experience and invite other companies to join.

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