Coronavirus and Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel

Social Solidarity: Israeli Businesses respond to Coronavirus


In its short history of existence, Israel is, sadly, quite accustomed to emergency situations. As in the past, the Covid-19 pandemic raised expectations from businesses to contribute to pressing social needs in the community. The plot thickens as this emergency influences all layers of the Israeli society – underserved communities as well as the public at large. The fundamental and unequivocal expectation from Israeli business is to contribute to the best of their abilities to social solidarity among different segments of society.

Maala, as a national based network of responsible businesses, has been collecting leading examples of business contribution and social investment examples around four main pillars: employees, suppliers, community and customers.

The information is compiled and presented on the Maala Hebrew website. We will shortly translate all relevant materials for our English site and share Israeli best practices with the global sustainability & CSR community.