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Field Tours
November 29, 2018


The second day of the conference is comprised of a variety of tours across the country, providing a unique opportunity for conference participants to learn from work done in the field. Last year’s tours visited Be’er Sheva, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Jerusalem, the Sharon Region and more.

2nd day November 29th, 2018

A variety of tours conducted across the country, providing a unique opportunity for conference participants to learn from work done in the field. The tours focus on social innovation, addressing innovation in employment (in collaboration with JDC-Tevet), environmental innovation and more. Tours will visit sites of leading

companies from different sectors in the Israeli economy that employ diverse populations and use inventive tools for employee advancement; employment centers of the Arab and Haredi (ultra-orthodox) communities; job training facilities for young adults, people with disabilities and older people; and more.

Gathering in Tel Aviv


Site visits around Israel


Urban Innovation & Healthcare Innovation

Ra'anana & Haifa

A visit to two fascinating innovation centers: Sanara Ventures, a collaboration between Philips and Teva on healthcare issues; and InfraLab, the open innovation lab by Shikun & Binui and leading Italian energy corporation Enel.

Food Tech & Agritech Solutions

Ashdod & Gilat Research Center

The tour visits The Kitchen, Strauss’ FoodTech Hub in cooperation with Israel’s Chief Scientist, an incubator investing in early stage groundbreaking technological initiatives for the food industry, throughout its value chain; and CFPN –Center for Fertilization and Plant Nutrition, operating under the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization in cooperation with ICL. The Center develops innovative solutions for the fertilization and nutrition of a variety of crops, aiming to enable the implementation of sustainable farming, while striving to uphold Israel’s global stewardship in agricultural research and spearheading innovation in the field.

Social Innovation – Haredi & Female Entrepreneurship

Tel Aviv & Bnei Brak

This tour addresses entrepreneurship in the Haredi (ultra-orthodox) sector and promotion of women’s entrepreneurship. Starting at Tufin Technologies in Bnei Brak, to present JDC Israel – Tevet’s Mentoring and Starter programs; followed by a visit to Ampersan, a Haredi entrepreneurship hub and working space, to hear about employment and work placement programs for young Haredis; and concluding in the beautiful Leumi Mani House, where we will meet an exciting program by Bank Leumi and the Saloona website: “Digital in Business” supporting women’s entrepreneurship.

This tour is in Collaboration with JDC Israel – Tevet

Urban Renewal – a Social-Economic Model


This tour visits the city of Lod, presenting an urban model of social economic renewal and a habitat for innovative projects. We begin with a visit of Israel Railways, to hear about the “Career Tracks” programs – innovative models for employee development and empowerment. The tour continues at the Human Spirit Campus – a unique center focusing on the development of employment in the Arab community in Lod. We conclude in the social innovation hub Hakaveret – The Hive, by JDC Israel and Israel National Insurance Funds, addressing the development of solutions for pressing social problems, for an introduction with a number of projects.

This tour is in Collaboration with JDC Israel – Tevet

Social Innovation in Old Age

Herzlia & Tel Aviv

Life expectancy is on the rise, and working life is extended along with it. People born in 1987 are expected to live to the age of 97! The tour begins at the IDC Cognition Lab where we also meet the CEO of Gevasol, winner of the Dov Lautman Diversity Award in the elderly category. We will visit Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Employment Opportunities Center, presently already training older people who are interested in continuing to partake in the labor market. And conclude at Bank Hapoalim‘s digital branch, to hear about means and efforts to improve digital literacy among the elderly.

This tour is in Collaboration with JDC Israel – Eshel

Workshop: Reducing Food Waste

Airport City

Chef Jonathan Deutsch from the Drexel University Food Labs, and Chef Gili Haim, head Chef of Unilever Food Solutions, discuss institutional food management efficiency.

The chefs will demonstrate ways to reduce food waste, to better manage food procurement, a new vision for menus, creative new ways to make use of all food components and more.
Samples and new flavors guaranteed!

Attendance by invitation only.

This workshop is co-hosted by Unilever Food Solutions

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