ESG Profile of the Israeli Banking Sector

Maala has launched the first of a series of ESG reports of several business sectors in Israel.

The ESG profile of the Israeli banking sector provides a comprehensive view of the sectoral performance regarding various ESG factors, thus enabling a more knowledge-based, in-depth analysis, which will further assist the fact-based decision-making of worldwide responsible investors in the Israeli banking sector.

This profile aims to bridge the gap between International ESG benchmark analyses and individual bank surveys. Therefore, the local discourse and public expectations are important criteria for analysis, enabling the report to provide a local, sectoral Israeli benchmark that is sensitive to domestic market conditions and addresses local issues.

Maala facilitates a network comprised of Israel’s largest companies, and has been promoting CSR among most major players in the country, including Israel’s largest banks, for over 20 years. Israeli banks were among the first businesses in the Israeli economy to address ESG issues and manage their CSR policies. That being said, it is important to note that some issues dominating the international discourse regarding ESG policies, particularly in the banking sector, are muted and almost absent in the local context.

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